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black and brown our little barker

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Small Animal Pet sitting/Play day

Type: Sitting

Altoona, WI, USA

Eau Claire, WI, USA

Hello I am willing to come to your home when you are gone to work or on vacation. I can feed/play and let you dog/dogs out. 3-4 times in a day. If you have a rabbit I can help as well I have one of my own so I am familiar to what they need. Your pet can be comfortable staying at your home and playing in their familiar setting while you are a way. Price for more than one dog increases by $5 a day. Prices are charged per day.

Toenail Clipping

Type: Other

Altoona, WI, USA

Eau Claire, WI, USA

I can trim your dogs or cats toenails if you prefer not to do a total grooming of your pet. Small dogs up to medium size for the price listed. Glad to help keep their feet comfortable.

Small dog grooming 5-30 pounds

Type: Grooming

Altoona, WI, USA

Eau Claire, WI, USA

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729, USA

Fall Creek, WI 54742, USA

I can groom your small dogs up to 5-30 pounds various days during the week. They will get a bath, hair trim, toenails and an ear cleaning. I have groomed dogs for years, know most breeds of dogs. Like to help keep them clean and looking beautiful.