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My Pets
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He has been my bestfriend since I rescued him off the street



Digital Pet & Owner Portrait

Type: Artistic

I will digitally paint you with your animals! I will do it in a semi-realism style. This means the colors will be a bit more vivid and the lighting might be a little bit more dramatic. I will provide a simplified background to put the animal(s) into the space. I will draw ANY pet that you own! This includes goats to your pet cricket. I will need clear and good quality reference photos to work from so I can accurately illustrate your wonderful pets.

Pet Portrait

Type: Artistic

I can provide a stylized vibrant oil painting or digital illustration of your pet based on reference photo(s)! If you chose digital I have the ability to make it any size you want from the the size of your phone screen to a whole tapestry to go on your wall! I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree emphasizing in painting. I absolutely love animals as I own a black and white kitty named Mystic.