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My Pets
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Chihuahua Mix

Turbo is a big ball of love and affection. He was a rescue w



Exotic pet sitting - reptiles, birds, fish, guinea pig and much more!

Type: Sitting

Cypress, TX, USA

Houston, TX, USA

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right pet sitter for those unique pets. Not all of us have dogs and cats :-) I have been a pet sitter, and pet service provider for the last 3+ years! I have over 20 years experience working with a variety of animals. There are a lot of services out there for dogs and cats but if you have a reptile or a small animal like a rabbit or guinea pig or maybe your fish aquarium needs feeding and you want to go out of town we got you covered! - Reptiles - Fish - Hamsters - Guinea pigs - Birds - Amphibians And much more just sent me a message

I will feed your pet when your out of town (Drop In)

Type: Walking

Cypress, TX, USA

I will provide a drop in visit that includes: 1. checking up, feeding and other basic necessities that your pet requires. If you going to be gone longer than expected don't worry! I can always run over and help. I charge $25 per drop in visit if you are within 15 miles of my location. Please see other packages for longer distances. I have worked as a professional pet service provider for the last 3+ years. Please dont hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and you can always check out my DigyPet reviews on my profile.

walking and outdoor adventure

Type: Walking

Cypress, TX, USA

Hello everyone! I’ve been working as a dog walker and pet service provider for almost 5 years now :) .. I currently have a house full of pups! …. if you are less than 10 miles away I charge $25 for 30 minutes or $45 for an hour! We do more than just walk we also work out your dogs instinctual needs to play and socialize!