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My Pets
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Plott hound

She is a very sweet dog but doesn't have the best relationsh

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Type: Grooming

I can bathe your animal with whatever products you want. For those dogs with more hair, I can do a de-shedding treatment and brushing. For certain dogs I can trim the nails. I would love to help you keep your animal looking nice and clean. I am in the College Station, Texas area.


Type: Sitting

I can babysit whatever animal you need me to. I have had 5 dogs throughout my life. I have owned various reptiles, small animals, and fish. My parents currently own a bird. Whatever you need me to watch while you are away I can do it. I'll send pictures and updates as often as you want. I can watch them at my apartment or your place. I have been around horses for most of my life as well. I charge $25 per night. I am in the College Station, Texas area.


Type: Walking

800 Marion Pugh Dr, College Station, TX 77840, USA

I charge $15 per 45 min. I will walk your dog however many miles you need me to walk them. On hot days I have a water bottle I can bring for them to drink out of. I can even work with your dog during walks to not pull as hard. If I can train a cow to walk with a halter I can train your dog to not pull as much.