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My Pets
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Sir Benson
Boston Terrier

A brute of a boy but the sweetest snuggle bug of them all!

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Pet Portrait Paintings on canvas (12”x18”)

Type: Artistic

Painting is always going to be my favorite past time, even though sometimes it can be frustrating. I absolutely love the end product and I also know it’s going to look fabulous for a very long time!

Custom Stickers!

Type: Artistic

Do you love stickers? Do you love your pet? Let me make you your very own sticker of them with whatever saying/phrase you desire! These are the best to make and are very high quality sticker material when printed!

Traditional Pet Portrait 10x12”

Type: Artistic

I get tons of requests for traditional drawings by hand. These are made on 10x12” thick artistry paper using pencil and prismacolor pencils. These take anywhere from 10-20 hours for me but making them is so fun!