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Katelyn Hughes

Type: Artistic

Louisville, KY, USA

Hi! I love all forms of art and I’m a huge animal lover and I would love to paint, digital or sketch your pet I mostly excel in dogs and cats but I am willing to talk to you about any other pet you may have. My abilities go from sketches, digital art, painting, and sketches on canvas. I only do neck up unless requested there will be additional charge for full bodied art. Digital drawings - $75, Sketch- $30, Canvas ( prices very depending on what size.) Small- $75, Medium- $ 125, Large- $200+, PLUS + SHIPPING. !PAYMENT COMES FIRST! ( if you can’t do a full payment all together that’s ok! Message me and we can work something out, but yes I require the payment first to start an artwork. ) Additional charges may occur based on required elements, or background. (example pictures available in gallery) detailed background or multiple pets would be additional charge of $30 ( but the price very’s on how ANIMALS OR PEOPLE you want.) added to the original price. Send me examples and I’ll give you a quote. Examples are as listed. -multiple pets ( depending on how many pets.) - flowers ( any type send a picture of those as well.) -owner with the pet ( depends on how many people.) -detailed background -favorite toy of the pet(s) Or props such as crowns, clothes etc. -favorite food/treat -wording ( quotes or saying) -full bodied Please let me know if anything catches your attention I’m looking forward to creating a perfect art piece of your furry family members, it would mean a lot to me if I got to make there memories live on in your home or if it’s a gift for family/friends/co-workers. I’m so excited to be working with you and your furry friend I can not wait to see what the future holds it’s gonna mean everything to me just as it is gonna mean so much to you so thank you for taking your time to look at my work and asking me to keep there memories alive or just for fun I can’t wait to hear from you and please send me pictures afterwards when it arrives! Sincerely Katelyn Hughes Email is HughesKatelyn@iCloud.com