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German Shepherd

black & tan, former show dog

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Anything & everything !

Type: Other

Snyder County, PA, USA

Nothing different, same description here ! LOL A visit is usually $10-$15 for one or two pets, but I am always negotiable with my clients. Typically the more pets there are, the more the price of the visit increases slightly. Just ask ! 😊🐾

Playtime & socialization

Type: Sitting

Snyder County, PA, USA

Same old, same old ! 🤣 Most visits are $10-$15 for one or two pets. Each additional pet I'm negotiable with how much more I charge. I am usually in Snyder County, but I also have clients in Union County and Juniata County, etc. If anyone prefers, I do allow pets in my home as well. I have 3 large dogs and 3 cats. We do meet & greets ahead of time to be certain everyone interacts well together. 🐾🥰 For 1 dog to stay the night, I generally charge $25-$30. More than 1 pet would be additional.

Feeding & also cleaning litterboxes

Type: Other

Snyder County, PA, USA

As is described in my pup walk service, the same goes for kitties. One visit is generally $10-$15, depending upon how many cats are involved and how many boxes there are to clean, etc. And as always, I'm negotiable. The closer you live to me, the easier it is for me to lean towards charging a bit less. 🐾😊