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My Pets
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Jax is a rescue that we got from a client who unfortunately



The Sleepover

Type: Sitting

Austin, TX, USA

For those instances in which your playful pup simply can’t come along with you, I’m here to help. I offer a number of sleepover packages to help meet the needs of our clients. My sleepovers are fun and give your dogs the chance to engage in mentally stimulating activities and to ensure that they are better than before you left! $25 for each additional dog. The duration covers a 24 hour period.


Type: Walking

Austin, TX, USA

Dogs have an instinctual desire to explore and experience new things. One of my go-to ways of improving a dogs behavior is to get them out in the world experiencing different things. To go different places, and do different things. When it comes to the busy lives that we all have, it can be difficult to give your dog the adventure that he or she instinctually desires. But in those instances let me come to your home, pick up your dog, and take them on an awesome, energy-packed adventure that’ll give them the mental and physical stimulation that their instinct demands. Science shows that dogs who receive more mental stimulation are generally happier than those who receive less mental stimulation. For that very reason, I am proud to offer exciting, exhilarating, and engaging Adventure services for your dog!


Type: Training

Austin, TX, USA

Many behaviors your dog is showing can be changed with some small adjustments in your life and interaction with your dog. Life is safer, more enjoyable, and always so much better with a well-trained dog. The dogs who will benefit the most from a single session are ones without a history of aggression and instead may just need a little help when it comes to leash walking or in-home environment behavior.