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portraits/illustrations by Geneva

Type: Artistic

United States

price dependent upon size of illustration and detail in portraits. Medium includes pencil, charcoal, pen and ink , watercolor , acrylics and digital. Can provide framing and matting of image if desired. Can work with client using photos.

Geneva Forte

Type: Artistic

I have an Associate of Arts degree from Cuyahoga Community College and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from Cleveland State University. I also have a technical degree from Virginia Marti College in Commercial Art. I entered my first juried show while in college and discovered computer art. After college, I worked engratis for the Salvation Army designing tee shirts. I also designed tee shirts for the Boy Scouts of America while working part time for a local discount store as a sign artist at two different sites. Later I worked for five months at EDR Media as a storyboard artist. It was fun to draw and ink in the spot illos used in marketing seminars and some commercials. After working as an activities staff and director I found a position with American Greetings. As my skills increase it was refreshing to have my nieces and nephews and some of the neighborhood children draw or create with me. Recently I worked for the summer as a drawing instructor for campers. I wanted to improve my skills in drawing so I went back to school. I started at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and worked online towards my MFA in Illustration. Then I had a brain tumor and after its removal found myself with less vision. I am in fact am now legally blind. I can still draw but a bit slower than before. I enjoy portrait art using pencil, charcoal, water colors and pen and ink as well as the digital software programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.I will be working remotely and will need photos of the pet. I can email or actully mail the original artwork to you. Framing is available at no extra cost. Alll changes and corrections are inclusive and the is no additional charge.