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Type: Sitting

Indiana, USA

I would love to walk, play, and spend time with your pet(s)! I can spend the day with them for $100/day. I can spend the night with them and have a fun sleepover with them as well! Price may increase depending on overnight stay and number of pets. My services include: going for walks, playing, feeding, bathing, and giving medication if needed. While staying at your house, I will make it like my own and make sure your pets are kept company while you are away. I have a lot of experience with pet sitting. I have been doing it for years for family and friends and I love it so much I decided to branch out. I have experience with some moody pets. I am adaptable and can learn what they do not like and learn what helps calm them down and am able to do that. Personally, I have 2 dogs and my siblings have cats so I have plenty experience with them. I will also take care of your home while you are away such as cleaning up and watering plants. I can also send you updates while you are away. I am eager to meet your pet(s) and spend time with them!