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Digitalized Paw Prints

Type: Artistic

This is something I started doing a ton during quarantine and quickly realized how important it is.. When my pups were little I stamped their paws right away for their photo books, just to have before they grew too big. You then quickly realize dogs are messy or their prints don't always come out so "paw" looking. I then ran into person after person saying their pets had passed away and they didn't really have anything to save or print for them. Most places cremating animals will make a clay impression but there's not much you can do with that, and if it breaks its gone. I edit your dogs paw EXACTLY how their "fingerprints" are but clean it up so it can be used for all kinds of things! Most clients get tattoos or have the paws engraved onto necklaces :)

Pet Portraits

Type: Photography

Quakertown, PA 18951, USA

I have set up a little studio space at home to photograph your pets! Equipped with tons of themed backgrounds and just about any dress up item you can think of! I look forward to meeting all your pets and shooting some more animal calendars for charity!