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What To Look For When Shopping For A New Bird

Are you thinking of getting a new pet? Adding a new member to the family is always an exciting time. Coming up with a name is my favorite part of the new pet process. After much consideration, you decide a feathered companion is what you need in your life.

Some birds typically interest pet seekers because of their ability to talk. A talking bird is an attractive option, or maybe you are just simply fascinated by certain species, which sparked your interest.

Pet birds will have their pros and cons, just like all pets do. Although unique, they can be affectionate and entertaining pets, but they also require a lot of care and can be quite noisy.

After deciding that a pet bird is right for you, think about which type of bird would be a good fit. It will be important to understand the different species and their needs, so you are able to choose the right one for you.

Where To Shop

It is ideal to look into a bird rescue or a specialty bird breeder when choosing where to get your bird. Birds from pet stores are typically not well tamed or cared for properly, making them more likely to get sick.

This is not to discourage you from purchasing a bird from a store. However, birds require daily attention. Since pet stores carry a variety of different pets, the storeowner or employees have to focus efforts on other animals too.

Getting a bird from a reputable breeder or rescue will ensure they have been raised and trained properly. They will be able to provide you with the proper education you need to care for your bird.

Selecting The Right Bird

What are you looking for in a bird? Birds come in many sizes and colors. Personalities will vary among different birds too.

If you want a bird that you can train to speak, parrots and songbirds are the two types that can learn to mimic human words and phrases.

Smaller species are usually easier to care for, like a parakeet or cockatiel. However, macaws or other large parrots can be difficult pets for children. Keep in mind the bigger the bird, the bigger the commitment.

Additionally, a pet bird can be a lifelong commitment. Unlike dogs and cats, birds can have a very long lifespan. The average lifespan can range anywhere from 15-80 years. With some that can live up to 100 years old!

Physical appearance can say a lot about a bird’s health. There are some physical features that you should look at when deciding whether or not to purchase a bird. Healthy birds will be visibly energetic, vocal, and alert. The eyes should be bright and clear, and there should be no discharges from the eyes or nostrils. They should look clean with sleek feathers, not ruffled.

Things To Consider


Not all birds have the ability to talk, but they do make a lot of sounds as a way of communicating. So, if you want peace and quiet, then a pet bird is probably not for you. Some birds will be more vocal than others.

Birds are highly energetic so providing them with appropriate space is important. Their cages should be large enough to be able to spread its wings and move about comfortably.

By keeping these important tips in mind, you are sure to make the right decision about which species will be best for you. A little research and careful planning can make a big difference in making sure that you and your new pet are prepared for your new life together.

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