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The History Of Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog. It has a broad skull and a straight muzzle. The nose is black or brownish-black. The medium-large eyes are dark brown; the short ears hang near the cheeks. When the tip of the ear is pulled forward, it will fit over the eye.

Thick tail with fur along the bottom. The claws on the inside of the foot and above the foot (called Dewclaws) can be removed. Its waterproof coat is solid, straight, or wavy. The coat color of the Golden Retriever can range from cream to golden yellow.

It is said that the first person to discover the golden retriever race was Lord Tweedmouth, who lives with his family at Brook House, Park Lane London.

As a hunting enthusiast, Lord Tweedmouth wanted a companion dog to accompany him while he was hunting. Dogs were very common companions back in the 19th century because they were very functional.

At that time, he received a gift from Nous, a type of yellow retriever, and previously he already had a water spaniel type Belle. It is said that Belle's figure and size are similar to that of a retriever with red heart hair. Then Belle mated with Nous to get a new dog who is good at hunting. This mating produced three puppies with yellow hair, which became the forerunner to the birth of the golden retriever. The interbreeding was carried out around 1889-1890 before Lord Tweemouth died in 1894.

Where The Name Came From

It is called golden because its fur always looks golden when exposed to light. As a hunting companion, the Golden Retriever is tasked with taking and delivering the catch to its master in full. This ability is what causes this dog to be called a retriever. The combination of coat color and skill is what makes this dog known as the Golden Retriever.

Ten years after Lord Tweedmouth's death, the breeding of golden retrievers was continued by Lord Harcourt, the owner of the Culham Kennel in 1904. He began breeding them from the two pups he had brought during a visit to Kerrow House. Golden retrievers thrive in the United States thanks to the services of Lady Penthand, a member of the Lord Tweedmouth family. Lady brought a female golden retriever and gave birth to her cubs in North America in 1890. This dog was the first to be born outside of her home country. Since then, the Golden Retriever has been recognized and developed in the United States and Canada.

However, even though the golden retriever comes from Scotland, some people think this dog originated from Russia. There is a type of dog known as the Russian sheepdog, which is often used as a traveling circus animal. Therefore, it is only natural that some people there think of this dog as the golden retriever mother. Some suspect that golden retrievers are still the same ancestor as Labrador retrievers. So that assumes this dog comes from the United States.

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