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The Beef Industry And Deforestation

Of late, there has been a global uprising against the beef industry, and the reasons are not one but many. Deforestation is one of them. The beef industry is one of the main reasons for cutting down trees and clearing forest lands worldwide.

In the Amazonian area itself, the beef industry has been the most prominent cause of Deforestation. According to experts, about 80% of Deforestation happened in this region due to pasturing and cattle ranching. But this percentage accounts for only the land that has been cleared for making pastures. It does not include the land used for growing the food produced for the consumption of cattle.

According to research conducted by The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, it has been found that as much as 24-25 million hectares in Brazil alone have been allotted for soy production. 80% of the soy that is grown here is used as feed for cattle reared for Beef's production. Thus, it stands to reason that reducing the demand for Beef is the fastest and easiest way to prevent even more Deforestation. But with the demand for Beef growing across the globe, this appears to be a distant dream. In the 2010 – 2017 period itself, Beef's exports from the Amazon area increased by 25% and is continually growing.

How to Stop Deforestation

If you are serious about stopping the practice of indiscriminate felling of trees across the globe and saving forests, reduce your beef consumption starting today. Even countries like the US, which had been producing much of the Beef for its consumption on its own, have started importing Beef from Brazil since 2016. Iran, Egypt, Russia, and Hong Kong are some of the nations which are importing the maximum amount of Beef from Brazil.

Do not be alarmed! There is no need to bring an abrupt change to your daily diet or stoping beef consumption altogether. However, you may have it once a week rather than having it 2 – 3 times every week. If everybody cut down their beef intake by as much as 50% and substituted with vegetables, grains, fruits, or chicken, there would be a significant drop in deforestation practices. There would also be much less impact on the environment. Beef exporting nations like Brazil would veer from beef production because of a massive drop in profits.

However, it must be remembered that merely reducing the intake of Beef will not end the Deforestation in rainforest areas and vast tracts of lands. However, with over 3/4th of the rainforests of the Amazon being reduced almost exclusively due to beef production, it is time that we all wake up and do something about it rather than sitting quietly and watching more and more trees be cut down indiscriminately every day.

Why Give Up on Beef Eating?

Simply, it can help save the environment. As more and more trees are cut down across the globe for making pastures, it can reduce rainfall and make it more challenging for the environment to reduce pollution. Trees consume CO2 for photosynthesis and make the earth a safer and better place. As you reduce or give up on beef-eating, there is less need for Deforestation, and the earth will thank you for that. You can also make it easier for the cows and other animals that depend on forests and land for their survival.

If beef dishes are your favorite, and you find it hard to change your eating habits, consider the fact that giving up or at least reducing beef intake can make you much healthier. When you cut down on Beef's intake in your daily diet, it can be easier for you to lose bodyweight and appear trimmer and more toned.

Also, consider the fact that scientists and researchers across the globe are reaching a consensus that the risks of global warming are being increased due to Deforestation and methane produced by the production of cattle. When you give up a steak or cut down on it, you can contribute in a major way towards reducing the problem of global warming.

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