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Selecting The Right Bird Food

From seeds to strawberries, finding the right food and supplements for pet birds can seem confusing. Which foods are best for specific species, and which foods are off-limits? Most birds can thrive on the same set of food options, and taking special care to choose items that are designed to nourish your pet birds properly makes for a great feeding routine.

Why Choose The Right Foods and Snacks?

Birds in the wild are typically dining on a variety of foods; bugs, fruits, grasses, seeds, and flowers. Each item provides a different vitamin, mineral, and energy source for their overall health and wellness. At home, we can choose unique and varied foods and specially crafted pellets and formulas to mimic this nutritious diet.
Feeding pet birds carefully and thoughtfully will prevent disease, malnutrition, and boost their overall health and promote a healthy life span. Choosing the right bird food is as easy; we’ve outlined the best options for feeding and treating below: 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Using fresh foods is the most fun for your pet bird, and requires some prep and timeliness to ensure their feeding experiences are safe. When preparing perishables, be sure to rinse them very well. Some birds prefer the foods how they are, others like them chopped, and others still may need them mashed or shredded. Try them all to see which form your feathered friend loves the most. Lastly, once the foods are out for over an hour, throw them away. Oxidation and heat can spoil fruits and vegetables.

Safe fruits are bananas, berries, melon, pineapple, and oranges.
Safe vegetables are cooked beans, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, leafy greens, celery, sprouts, and squash.

Bird Pellets

The most common and most utilitarian option is bird pellets. These nutritious and delicious formulas make feeding as simple as possible. Your bird will enjoy vitamin, mineral, and calorie fortified pellets to ensure they are getting a natural range of foods and nutrients. Brands vary across the board but be sure to check your bird’s species type and find a pellet formula that matches it.

Choose pellets for a base diet staple, and combine them with the fruits and veggies listed above to keep your pet bird entertained during snacks and meals.

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