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Reverse Sneezing

For those of you who have dogs, surely you have seen your dog reverse sneeze, right? It turns out that dogs have something to say when they reverse sneeze. What is the meaning behind that dog's reverse sneeze?

There are many reasons why dogs reverse sneeze. The first reason is the same as sneezing that occurs in humans, which is disturbed by the presence of dust, perfume, floor cleaning fluid, and even pollen from flying flowers. Dogs also reverse sneeze because they have something stuck to their nose, such as dirt that gets into their nose when they paw.

If your dog reverse sneezes too often, he may be allergic to something in the air, such as the air freshener you spray in your house or the floor cleaner you use.

Nasal Obstruction

Hunting dogs or dogs that like to sniff the ground and bushes also sometimes stick branches or leaves up their noses. If your dog likes to do this and he is sneezing, then check his nose. The dog will reverse sneeze to get the foreign object out of its nose. But if your dog's nose is bleeding and they are constantly scratching their nose, take your dog to the vet immediately so that the foreign object can be removed.

Interestingly, dogs also like to reverse sneeze while playing. It is not without reason or because there is something stuck in their nose. But it is a sign that they are happy and this is normal. Dogs reverse sneeze while playing because they want to show that what they are doing is just playful, not serious. They just pretended to fight. Especially when a large dog is playing with a small dog, and they reverse sneeze, then you don't need to worry because they won't hurt each other.

Fungal Infection

If your dog keeps on sneezing every day, it is possible that he has an infection in his nose. Aspergillus fungus is a nasal infection that generally occurs when dogs accidentally inhale dust or grass fungi. The symptoms of this nose infection can include sneezing, pain in the nose, nose bleed, or swelling. If your dog shows any of these symptoms, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible.

On very rare occasions, sneezing to a dog can also be caused by fleas in the nose. These tiny insects are in the nasal passages because they enter when the dog scavenges the ground. Nose ticks can be very annoying and can cause your dog's nose to bleed. If your dog has this, you should also take your dog to the vet.

Some of the other reasons your dog is sneezing are due to a tooth infection, tumor, or because of a certain breed. The third premolar teeth at the top of the dog's mouth have roots very close to the nasal passages. If this tooth becomes infected, the dog may reverse sneeze as well.

So now you know what a reverse sneeze is. Don’t panic. Find the proper cure for your dog.

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