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Pet Sharks

Now you can keep various species of sharks as a pet in your aquarium. A shark In a fish tank may sound strange at first, but it’s not. Many things need to be considered before you get one. From food necessities to choosing the right kind of Shark, it is essential that you take care of your pet.

Types Of Pet Sharks

There are various types of sharks you can have as a pet these days. It would be best if you considered that these are saltwater creatures. They require special care. Freshwater sharks can be anything from small pet sharks starting at 5 inches to big ones that may be more than 40 inches in length. These are the most popular types of pet sharks that may be kept in a home:

  • Japanese Wobbegong- grows to 42 inches
  • Epaulette Shark- grows to 42 inches
  • Gray Bamboo Shark- grows to about 30 inches
  • Rainbow Shark- grows to 6 inches
  • Bala Shark- grows to 20 inches

What Size Aquarium Does A Shark Need?

The kind of shark fish aquarium that you buy depends on the type of Shark that you choose to keep as a pet. To keep sharks that are above 40 inches or so, you need a 1000-gallon tank. The minimum you must have should be no less than 100 gallons. Some sharks may be sensitive to certain substances, so you must know which stuff you should avoid.

Aquarium Maintnence

It is required that you check the filter and water daily. Once a week, it is recommended that you check the water quality of the tank. On a monthly note, change 10-24 percent of water in between two to three weeks. pH levels of the container, along with the temperature, are essential to freshwater pet sharks.

Provide your pet a decent surrounding full of dense plants so it can have the time of its life. To keep your shark stress free, give him caves and planted trees inside a tank. Keep the lid tight as some sharks tend to jump out of the container. May as well save it from an unintended disaster.

What Does A Shark Eat?

Shark diet generally consists of flake, pellets, or frozen, dried food. You can also give them live or frozen brine shrimp. Feed them in small amounts on one day; however, some sharks may only need feeding a few times a week.

How should I know if my Shark is healthy?

 A healthy shark in a fish tank should have a good appetite. Bright eyes, active swimming, and the right color are some characteristics that shouldn’t be ignored while checking your Shark’s health. If your Shark depicts one of the following, you must know that it’s not healthy:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Spots on body
  • Clouded eyes
  • Bad find

Can I keep pet sharks together in one aquarium?

Different sharks have different requirements. Depending on the category of freshwater shark fish, it may not be able to live with another in the same tank. While on the other hand, you may be able to combine 4 or 5 species. It is recommended to consult an experienced shark seller on this purpose.

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