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Parrots Make Great Companions

Dogs’ being considered “man's best friend” and low maintenance house cats make them an attractive choice when deciding on a new companion. For pet seekers looking for something a little different, those aren’t the only option that shows loyal companionship with their owners.

Similar to our four-legged furry friends, parrots can also make great companions.

Parrots can be affectionate, energetic, and trusting friends making them an easy choice when it comes to selecting a companion. Plus, they are companions you can actually talk to! More importantly, their intelligence provides them with a unique and entertaining quality that makes them a desirable companion for people.

Oh!  And they are stylish too!

The rest of this post is to highlight why parrots make great companions for those who have an interest in owning these avian wonders.

What Makes Them So Great

Aside from the beautiful appearance, parrots are fascinating because of their ability to mimic human language. One of the many reasons people are drawn to them. They are vocal learners, meaning they grasp and imitate sounds by hearing them.

Although other bird species can also discern and repeat sounds, parrots seem to take it to another level. Some species are able to mimic anywhere from a few words and phrases, while other species can have a vocabulary of up to 2,000 words.

And if speaking isn’t enough, they can also learn tricks for behavior learning and entertainment.

Another reason parrots make great companions is because of their longer lifespan compared to other companion pets. Again, depending on the species, the lifespan can range from 15-80 years. Larger parrots like the Macaw or Amazon tend to have longer lifespans, while smaller species like Parakeets have shorter lifespans.

Because of their longevity, bringing a parrot into your home means you are making a friend for life. Every pet owner's dream!

Caring For A Parrot

It should be known that there is a lot of responsibility that goes into owning a companion parrot and not to be considered an easy-care or low-maintenance pets.

Just like a dog or cat, parrots have the potential to make excellent, highly interactive, affectionate, and entertaining pets when presented in the right environment by their owner.

Depending on the species, most will require daily attention and interaction with you. Their cages should be large enough to spread their wings and move about comfortably and exercise.

You should not want a parrot only on the basis of wanting a talking bird. Speaking is not a guarantee, and the level of engagement will vary on the type of species. The parrot's environment will play a large factor in there of interest in mimicry and vocal communications.

Before adopting these wonderful birds, it is always important to educate yourself on the different species available and what you may be interested in pursuing to find the perfect one for you.

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