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Owning Different Bird Species

Maybe you are considering adding another bird to your home.  Perhaps you would like to get a different species.  Is this possible?  Can multiple bird species live together?

Keep reading to find out!

Different types of birds coexist in the wild.  Based on that fact, we can assume that bird owners can have more than one bird species. 

However, you have to choose the right species carefully.  Not every bird will get along with other types of birds. 

As you can probably guess, owning more than one bird species creates an extra challenge.  But it can also be fun.  If you are up to the challenge, the rewards are worth it.

Which Bird Species Can Live Together

Before choosing your new bird, you have to make sure the species you are considering will get along with the bird you already own.  If you pair up the wrong birds, tragedy could result.

Here are a few tips that will help you out.  

  • Look at the Size - When mixing different bird species, it’s important to choose similar sized birds. Otherwise, large birds might take advantage of small birds.
  • Consider the Beak - Birds with hookbills should not live with birds that don’t have this type of beak because they are not able to defend themselves from a hookbill.
  • Choose Easy Going Temperaments - Some species are more aggressive than others.  This could cause issues if an aggressive species is forced to reside with other types of birds.  That’s why it’s best to choose birds that are known for getting along with other birds.
  • Younger is Better - You must also consider the age of your current bird. Your feathery friends are more likely to get along with each other if they are introduced at a young age.   

Set Up Multiple Homes

Overcrowding can make your birds feel stressed, causing them to become more aggressive towards each other. 

A spacious cage that has plenty of room can prevent that stress.  That’s why it’s so important to provide a large cage for your birds.

Plus, it will also give you more freedom when choosing which species to add to the cage.  That’s because a large cage allows your birds to get away from each other when tensions rise.     

But the smaller the cage, the more careful you have to be when choosing which species to add to it.

With all that in mind, we can conclude that an aviary is an ideal home for your feathered friends.  This option gives birds the most space. 


If you own more than one parrot species, each type of parrot should have its own cage.  Limit their interactions with each other to their time outside of their cages.  Always keep a close eye on them during those interactions.  

Owning more than one bird species can be great fun.  But remember, you have to choose the right species carefully.  And you have to give them a large enough cage. 

If you make wise decisions and provide the right cage, your birds will get along great!

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