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GoEco: Who They Are

Saving the planet is a goal that is of the utmost importance in our modern world, but to be able to do so, we need your help as part of our sustainable conservation incentive! GoEco is passionate about saving the world and its wildlife and is making it their number one goal to help other people get involved with projects they are passionate about. 

After all, our world is a precious resource and needs our protection, if we are to have a happy and healthy future. It is not only the human species at risk here: there are thousands of animals in need of protection also. The volunteer projects at GoEco are designed to help you get involved. If you are as passionate and eager to help save the world and its wildlife as we are, then we strongly encourage you to go check out GoEco.org and search through the many options and genres they have available to volunteer with and be an active part of the change!

Who They Are

GoEco thinks that saving the planet is a goal that simply cannot be pushed to the sidelines any longer! They strive to help change the world and save the animals that share our beautiful Earth alongside us.

With this goal in mind, they run volunteer projects designed to help save the animals and the world a little bit at a time. After all, we know that there is so much more that needs to be done. If we are going to turn around the devastating course that our planet's health has been on for so long, we will need your help. We know that together we can make a difference and change the way we live for the better!

GoEco is a specialist eco-tourism company that is proud to offer a range of different volunteering opportunities for people who share their passion for saving the world and its animal species. They want you to have the vacation of a lifetime – one which will also help you save the planet and the lives of all the animals in need of help on the way, too.

About Their Volunteering Projects

At GoEco, they want to see a world which is one the mend; as such, their volunteering projects are designed to help save the world, one step at a time. They run a selection of different projects, all of which have been chosen with one goal in mind and one purpose only: to help protect the planet from harm and help our home heal.

They focus on a wide variety of different community, wildlife, and environmental initiatives, with our services acting as the gateway towards more than 150 different projects. GoEco will help you choose the ideal volunteering project for your holiday so that you can not only have a memorable and unforgettable trip but also to help you make the most significant impact possible.

Saving the world isn't something that can be done in a day – but their volunteering projects are a step in the right direction to helping our home, our planet heal.

The GoEco Team

Of course, no eco-tourism company would be able to operate without the support of an incredible and diverse team with a wide range of different skills and abilities. GoEco has a team of passionate wildlife and environmental enthusiasts who share our ethics and beliefs.

GoEco was launched in 2006 by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal, who both recognized the need for change in our world. Both founders held degrees in environmental and geographical sciences, which allowed them a unique understanding of the world and how it works. Furthermore, this also allowed them to recognize the harm that has befallen our home planet.

As well as Gilben and Tal, the GoEco team is also made up of a number of other passionate volunteer enthusiasts, who have spent their lives helping to save the world. Their combined experiences and skills mean that as a company, they are able to offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities to help people who share our passion for getting involved with bettering the world!

How GoEco Got Started

Gilben and Tal had been friends for years when they founded GoEco, having previously been high school friends, and so their shared experiences led them to poor all their passion into the company. It was this dedication that allowed the company to become the eco-tourism hub that it is today!

GoEco’s first initiative was helping to bring volunteers from around the world to the Mediterranean coast to help with sea turtle conservation, but that was far from the only project needing their assistance! As such, they reached out to numerous international NGOs with the aim being to help people who shared their passion for saving the world find the perfect volunteering opportunities for their skills, experiences, and areas of enthusiasm.

Now, the team has been influential in helping people participate in over 150 different global projects, all of which have been integral for slowing the rate of decline in our planet. Looking to the future, the team is passionate about spreading this message and helping people find the volunteering opportunities that they love to do and what to be a part of!

How You Can Make A Difference

Around the world, there are so many projects in need of passionate volunteers just like you! GoEco provides a gateway to a wide variety of different volunteering projects if you are passionate about saving the world, including some of the following areas:

  • Marine and coral reef conservation

  • Wildlife and animal conservation

  • Community aid and development

  • Volunteering with children

That's just a few of the areas in which they can help you find the right volunteering opportunity for your needs! GoEco is here to help you make a difference; if you’re passionate about saving the world, we can help you find the perfect project today!


Our world is forever changing, but we want to make sure that it is changing for the better. So many habitats and animal species are under threat! As we know it, the world is simply changing too quickly for these amazing creatures to be able to adapt and thrive; meanwhile, many global communities are also struggling with the grueling challenges of daily life, and we want to make sure they get the help they need too!

Their volunteer programs could be the perfect way for you to get involved and help save the world. Give them a shout to learn more about how you can contribute toward one of their vital causes.

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