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Endangered Cats

Living in the human world can be very challengin for alot of animals. Due to poaching and enviromental destruction, alot species of animals are on the brink of extinction. Today we are going to go over some of the endangered cats in the world. Please do what you can to help decrease your environmental footprint and help preservce the beatiful creations on this planet.

Iberian Lynx

Hailing from Europe's Iberian peninsula, the Iberian Lynx has had to contend with not only poachers themselves, but also hunters hunting European Rabbits, their main prey. Conservation efforts started back in 2002 for the species, and since being on the brink of extinction then, their numbers have begun to rise. Three hundred twenty-six individuals where thought to have existed back in 2012, but thanks to local conservation efforts, that number has been estimated to have risen to around 830 as of 2019. With their tufted ears and cute demeanor, its no wonder the European Union has contributed so much funding for their protection.

Asiatic Lion

Sitting at about 674 counted since the last census, the Asiatic Lion has had a long history of conflict with the local population of Gujarat, India, since ancient times. Once inhabiting much of the Middle East, most of the population now finds itself in Gir National Park, while several other individuals find themselves in captivity worldwide. Depicted in many ancient arts from Iran to Singapore, the Asiatic Lion often found itself at odds with the growing local farmers, leading to overhunting and population control. Outside of India, Iran has also made attempts to revitalize its lion population, although the results remain to be seen.

Andean Mountain Cat

Making its home across the Andes mountains, the Andean Mountain Cat has a lot going against it. Fighting for prey against other local species, loss of its natural habitat and the introduction of domesticated dogs to its areas have all lead to the decline of these medium-sized carnivores. As the species is spread out across the mountain range, several countries take part in its conservation. Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru have all put various bans on hunting the cat and the possession of captured or killed Andean Mountain Cats.

Flat Headed Cat

These adorable, tiny felines native to Indonesia are known as Flat-headed Cats. Threatened by the destruction of their wetland and forest homes, most populations of this cat barely reach 250 adults in size. Hunting and capturing the cat is banned in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, and it is rare to find any in captivity outside of those areas. While Flat-headed Cats may appear soft and small, their fangs can be as long as the fangs of a cat twice their size. They get their name from their oddly shaped skulls, with distended sides and a depression that extends along the muzzle.

Snow Leopard

Back to the larger varieties of cats, we have the famous Snow Leopard. Their habitat extends along east Asia and India, with many national parks working hard to conserve their populations. Like most cats on this list, the destruction of their natural habitats has been a key threat to their survival. However, poaching has also played a historically large part in their declining numbers, with their furs being prized in many parts of the world. While the hunting of the species is outlawed in most areas, illegal trade still exists for its furs. Fortunately, many parties, such as the Snow Leopard Conservancy and the Snow Leopard Trust, have come together in recent years to preserve the Snow Leopard and slowly reintroduce it into suitable habitats.

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