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Don't Shave Your Double-Coated Dog!

A dog coat is a built-in safety system that will keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And if you are thinking about shaving your dog's hair, you are interfering with this built-in system.

Over the course of time, humans have bred dogs that have thicker fur than other dogs, and these breeds sometimes need little help to cool down the summer heat. If you have a dog with very thick fur and he suffers from heatstroke, then your vet may suggest shaving the hair as the temperature rises.

You should always resist shaving your dog's hair because it will do more harm than good, even if your dog is a short-haired or thick-haired breed. In this article, we will discuss why you shouldn't shave your dog's hair in the summer.


If you have a double coat breed, then there are two layers that will protect your dog from harsh weather. In winter, these long hairs protect against snow, and the inner fur is close to the skin and maintains its body temperature.

Most people think that the dog's coat is increasing body temperature and is the cause of overheating. But in reality, the coat provides relief to your dog and acts as insulation and prevents him from overheating in the summer.

In the summer season, dogs shed their soft coat, leaving only guard hairs. These long hairs not only protect your dog from the hot weather but also protect him from sunburn. When the undercoat layer is not present, air will circulate through the protective hairs and keep your dog body cool.

In single-coat dog breeds, the hairs continue to grow, so when you shave, they will return to normal without changing.



So what happens when you shave your dog's guard hair coat in summer since your dog has already removed his undercoat? These protective hairs allow cool air to pass through, protect against sunburn, and provide insulation for your dog.

These double coat dog breeds have pale skin similar to pale human skin, so when you shave your dog's hair, he is more susceptible to sunburn. As guard hairs reflect the rays of the sun and protect your dog skin from sunburn.


Dogs whose hair is shaved during the summer season are also more prone to allergies, skin conditions, and skin cancer. Shaved skin makes your dog more vulnerable to sun damage.

Therefore, it is best to keep an eye on your dog's shaved skin and look for something new. If you see any open sores or red spots that do not heal in a few weeks and grow rapidly in areas exposed to the sun.

Then you should call your vet because there is a high chance of skin cancer, and if diagnosed early, it will be treated with the least amount of medication.


Whether you have a long-haired or short-haired dog breed, you shouldn't shave their fur because it provides them with protection. Instead use cold water and keep them under a cool place.

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