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3 Things You Can Do to Prevent Pollution

It may seem all doom and gloom with talk of global warming due to increasing air and water pollution, but it doesn't have to be that way forever. Here are three ways that you can change your lifestyle in order to help prevent pollution.

Save on Electricity

The first thing you can do is attempt to make more sustainable energy choices. Electricity isn't just something we harvest with like fruit. There are multiple ways that power companies generate electricity for our home use, from fossil fuels to nuclear power, and not all of them are good for the environment. By turning off electronics and lights as you leave a room, as well as keeping the temperature control in your house low, you can minimize the amount of unclean energy you are using. In addition, you can look into using renewable energy sources like solar panels if you have the resources to install them. Even just the regular maintenance of your window and air duct sealing will help maintain temperature in your home and reduce the amount of energy your air conditioning or heating will use.

Try Driving Less

Modern transportation, mainly cars, are a major contributor to air pollution. While you could just walk and ride a bike everywhere, chances are you need to get to places in a reasonable time. By taking public transportation when possible, you help to reduce air pollution emissions by reducing the amount of vehicles on the road. If you still need to take your own car in order to function in day to day life, be sure to get your car checked for maintenance regularly in order to reduce carbon emissions. You can also look into reducing how much driving you do during trips and offer to carpool with coworkers or friends. If you  have the money, you could also look into switching to a hybrid or electric car, massively reducing your personal carbon emissions.

Eat Sustainable Foods

On the topic of transportation, a good amount of pollution is generated by the transportation of food. Factory farms and mass orchards have to ship their food all across the country, but there are alternatives to these mass produced foods. Look into finding markets and shops where locally produced foods are sold. Also be sure to check if the animal products you buy are made in factory farms, which contribute a lot to air pollution. If searching for local or organic products are not reasonable for your situation, you can also look into growing your own food products. Many home and garden shops sell seeds and there are many resources on line for how to start gardening. Even if you don't have access to a garden space, there are plenty of herbs and other vegetables that can be grown in potted plants or window pots.

What Else?

There are other things that can be done to prevent pollution, such as recycling and assisting in local cleanup duties, but one of the best ways to impact the environment is to educate others. Share what you do with others in order to spread good practices. It won't solve the problem with global pollution overnight, but spreading good practices could lead to a better world in the future.


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